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Solar Batteries - An Overview

Solar batteries save the excess solar energy generated by your solar energy system for future use. There are various types and sizes of solar batteries. You can choose the one that suits your needs.

Wondering how solar batteries work? The solar energy is absorbed by the solar panels and is used to power the house/office through an inverter. A solar battery is an additional component that stores extra solar power and this stored energy can be used when solar panels are no longer absorbing solar energy such as in evenings and cloudy days.

If you’re looking to save solar energy for a long time then solar batteries with a high power-rating will be the best for you. Solar batteries with higher usable capacity are suitable for home energy needs.

Types of Solar Batteries

Inverex Solar Batteries

Inverex is a certified and authorized leading solar brand with a range of solar batteries to choose from. We have Inverex solar batteries in a variety of sizes mentioned below. Inverex solar batteries are reliable, with the capability of optimum performance in the commercial and industrial sectors as well.

Lead Acid Solar Battery

Lead-acid solar batteries are the most reliable, tried, and tested batteries. They store energy effectively. Lead-acid batteries are the oldest solar batteries. Nowadays, we have more variations and affordable solar batteries as compared to lead-acid. That said, lead-acid solar batteries are still reliable and convenient to install.

Lithium-ion Solar Battery

Lithium-ion solar batteries are evolving tremendously. The electric car industry has derived their development so they are the future of solar batteries. Lithium-ion batteries effectively store solar energy and are easy to install. They run for a longer period of time thus are reliable. Lithium-ion batteries are spearheaded by the Tesla Powerwall.

Flow Solar Battery

Flow batteries are relatively new and not very popular. They are known as “flow” because they contain a liquid of sodium bromide inside them. Flow solar batteries aren’t made by many companies and thus are limited to specific parts of the world. But flow solar batteries are efficient and compact.

Sodium Nickel Chloride Solar Battery

Sodium nickel chloride solar batteries are popular and used in commercial and residential areas. The battery efficiently stores extra solar power that can be used later. They’re the competitors of lithium-ion batteries.

Passivated Emitter And Rare Cell Panels (PERC)

It’s a new technology and a modification of the traditional monocrystalline solar panels. A passivated layer underneath helps reflect the energy that is otherwise wasted. So, passivated emitter and rare cell panels (PERC) are extremely efficient and are great to use in limited spaces where large solar panels can’t be installed.

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