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What Are Solar Lights?

Once you have a solar energy system in place, you need solar lights to use this energy generated by the solar panels. The most popular solar lights are LED lights as they consume 40-60% less power as compared to conventional lights. Also, solar LED lights are highly affordable and durable with longer life.

As the power problems are increasing in Pakistan with every passing day, it’s vital to have a solar energy system with advanced solar LED lights to use clean energy and fossil fuels. You’ll also save a lot of power and say goodbye to the pollutants produced as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels.

When choosing solar LED lights, go for the most reliable brand with affordable prices. These LED lights can be used to illuminate your homes, offices, streets, and whatnot.

Types of Solar Lights

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights have either fluorescent or LED lamps in them. The street lights are powered by a solar panel usually mounted above the street light or integrated inside the pole. Solar street lights are a great way to conserve energy, switch to clean energy resources and save the earth. Promising solar street lights work up to 16 hours.

Wall-Mounted Solar Lights

Wall-mounted solar lights can be used in residential and commercial sectors to illuminate your homes and offices. Wall-mounted solar LED lights are a great way to conserve energy and use solar energy in an efficient way. You can replace all your conventional lights with bright wall-mounted solar lights to go green and avoid hefty electricity bills.

Lithium-ion Solar Battery

Lithium-ion solar batteries are evolving tremendously. The electric car industry has derived their development so they are the future of solar batteries. Lithium-ion batteries effectively store solar energy and are easy to install. They run for a longer period of time thus are reliable. Lithium-ion batteries are spearheaded by the Tesla Powerwall.

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