Full Solar System For Home

Get an efficient, clean, and 24/7 solar energy system for homes for decades to come.


Go Green with Solar Systems for Your Home

Tired of major power breakdowns, hefty bills, and pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels? We have one solution that will make your and your loved one’s life easyโ€”going solar.

Yes, now you can install a solar system for your home, to power it partially or completely. You can go for an on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid system to fulfill your power needs.

Benefits of solar system for your home

Benefits of going green


You can count on us for the best advice. Our team of qualified engineers physically examines your rooftop and gives you tailored solar solutions.

Yes. The weather of Pakistan is ideal to reap maximum benefits from solar energy.

The battery backup saves the extra power generated. This power is used in rainy and cloudy weather.