Solar AC

Solar AC

Eco-friendly Solar AC in Pakistan

Solar-powered air conditioners for cool summers with a minimum electricity bill and maximum sustainability.


Solar Air Conditioners - An Overview

Solar air conditioners combine solar electricity and air conditioning to cool or warm your home. These Solar ACs use the energy from the Sun to cool your space!

This calls for the least electricity bill, minimum environmental impact, and immense peace of mind.

Solar AC uses the energy either directly from the solar panels or the energy stored in the battery. These air conditioners are capable of using DC power or AC power that’s derived from the inverter.

Also, Solar ACs can use grid energy when needed.


Benefits of Solar AC

Solar ACs are an investment for life that gives you huge benefits over time. A few benefits are:

How Many Solar Plates Required For Solar AC?

The number of solar panels that are required to run a Solar AC depends upon the maximum kVA of the individual solar panels. However, there is a general rule of thumb for the following:

In the case of 1 ton Solar AC, it is best to set up 6 solar panels with 250 watts each.

You should get around 10 panels with a wattage of around 250 watts each.

You will need to have a 3 kVA solar panel for maximum power supply, as the wattage requirement will be somewhere around 2500 watts or 2.5 kW.


Solar Air Conditioners use power from the Sun to cool your home. You’ll get minimum electricity bills and maximum peace of mind with this eco-friendly Solar AC.

Be mindful while purchasing the Solar AC for your space as it’s a huge investment. You should know how many solar plates are needed to run your Solar AC.

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